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Benefits and Cost

Join the H-TORCH Family!

Houston-TORCH Membership

Get the education, networking opportunities, and government related support that you need to grow your business. For only 28 cents a day you can be apart of the Houston TORCH family. H-TORCH is one of the most affordable investments you can make for your business. Joining H-TORCH is an easy 4 step process.


  1. Click to button below 

  2. Enter login or create a new login

  3. Enter requested information

  4. Make a payment


Annual Membership Dues:

  • H-TORCH Member (Assisted Living Facility Owners)   $100

  • Business Professional                                                   $150

  • Associate Member                                                         $ 50

Must be a TORCH (state) member to join H-TORCH (Houston-Chapter).

How will I get The most Out of My H-TORCH Membership?

  1. Attend the monthly meetings.

  2. Get involved.

  3. Ask questions.

The more you participate, the more you will benefit !

Let's all work together to help one another, and help more families in the process.

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